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How to Design a Concrete Patio

Whether it’s a cozy place to sit and read or a glamorous outdoor kitchen, the perfect concrete patio will enhance your backyard living experience. It is a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain material, won’t ever rot or warp, and can be tinted to match your home’s interior decor.

Poured concrete is a versatile material, able to be cast into curvilinear or geometric shapes and with the addition of tints, can become anything from classic light gray to any other color you like. There are many ways to create a unique design, and it’s worth talking to a concrete contractor before you start building your patio so that they can recommend the right technique for you.

The process of designing a concrete patio requires good drainage and reinforcement, proper curing, and control joints to prevent random cracking. These factors add to the cost of the patio, but the price can be well worth it in the long run if you want a durable, beautiful, and functional patio that looks great for years to come.

Grading & Excavation: Before the concrete is poured, you should grade the site to level it out and prepare it for the concrete. Stakes should be driven at each end of the patio area and mason’s string tied between them to ensure that all sides are level.

Once the site is fenced and level, remove all vegetation from the area, extending the edges about 6 inches beyond all sides of the patio (to make room for setting the form boards). Dig out the excavation to a depth of 8 inches. Then, tamp the soil thoroughly using a rented plate compactor.

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