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Peterson Automotive

One of the best car museums in Los Angeles is Peterson Automotive, which is housed in a department store designed by Welton Becket. It’s located along Museum Row, the strip of shops and galleries that stretches down Wilshire Boulevard in the Miracle Mile neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The museum is a tribute to California’s car culture, but it also features cars from across the country and even the world. The museum is a great place for petrol-heads to learn about the history and evolution of the automobile.

There are over 100 vehicles on display in 25 galleries. Some of them are extremely famous, like this Ferrari, but others are more obscure.

It’s a great way to get a feel for the design and artistry of these cars. They do this by putting them in different environments to give you a sense of where they came from and how they were designed. You can also see how different designs influenced each other.

In addition to the cars, there are some great art exhibits. You can see how people have customized their vehicles to be unconventional artworks, and it’s really cool to see the effort that goes into these.

There is plenty to see at Peterson Automotive, and it’s a great place to go for the whole family! The cost of admission is relatively high, but it’s a worthwhile experience. It’s also a good place to take children if you want them to learn about the history of the automobile and appreciate the artistry that went into its creation.

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