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Hearing Aids – What Are They?

Hearing Aids
A Hearing Tests is a device that helps you hear better. They can be used by people with many different types of hearing loss. They can come in a variety of styles and offer a range of features.

They are available on the NHS. Your GP can refer you to an NHS hearing aid provider for an assessment and fitting.

There are two main types of hearing aid: Behind the ear (BTE) and receiver in the canal (RIC). The BTE is connected by a thin tube to an ear fitting that sits behind your ear.

The RIC is similar to the BTE but smaller. It connects to a tiny loudspeaker that is fitted in the ear fitting that sits deep inside your ear canal.

ITE and RIC models have additional features that make them more comfortable, like a telecoil switch that allows you to hear on the telephone without feedback (whistling). They also have a situation switch to reduce background noise in noisy environments.

Other features include directional microphones that can help you speak in noisy places. They amplify sound coming from a specific direction to a higher level than sounds from other directions.

AutoSense technology automatically detects your listening environment and adjusts for you. This can help you hear better when you are in a quiet restaurant or at a sports game.

Bluetooth wireless technology lets you connect to your hearing aid through your phone or other devices, such as music players. Some models also have advanced smartphone remotes that let you change your settings, talk to people or watch videos through your hearing aids.

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