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Mobile Mechanic Denton

Whether you need to get your car repaired, or are having trouble with an appliance, Mobile mechanic Denton will come to the rescue. They will provide a fast and efficient service for your specific needs, so you can get back to your daily routine.

The ideal candidate for this position should be a self-starter with exceptional customer service skills and the ability to follow instructions efficiently. They should also have the skills and knowledge to diagnose problems in vehicles and perform repairs accordingly.

Job Description:
Mechanics work with small and large buses to ensure their functionality and reliability as well as maintain equipment and systems. This includes inspecting, testing, and fixing all moving parts of a vehicle, performing repairs aiming for maximum reliability and efficiency. They also clean, apply lubricants and replenish fluids to engine components. They may also conduct inspections and diagnostic tests to discover functionality issues in a vehicle.

They may also be required to work outside in both hot and cold weather conditions. Their job requires frequent bending, stretching, reaching, lifting, and pulling as well as using ladders up to 4 feet high. They must also be able to stand for long periods of time and be capable of working on engines, cars, and other mechanical components.

Hensen Automotive Mobile Mechanic has been delivering mobile repair services since 2007. Their team of certified technicians is ready to help you with any of your automotive repair and maintenance needs. Book online or call now to get an estimate and schedule your appointment.

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